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At the request of our many patrons, we are happy to provide the following products for purchase from The Rose Garden Tearoom. You may order them by phone, and we will ship them directly to the address you provide. Please visit our Product Store often to see what new things are coming your way.

The Rose Garden Tearoom Cookbook: Delectable Recipes from One of the World's Finest Tearooms

by Helen Bowers

You'll want to purchase multiple copies of this incredible collection of culinary delights! Most of your favorite recipes from The Rose Garden will allow you to recreate the Rose Garden at home or for a gala party. Everything from traditional English scones and clotted cream to spicy Southwestern Chicken Crepes. This is the cookbook Rose Garden patrons have been requesting for years. And now it's here! Get yours today. The perfect gift for friends and family too!

Cookbook Features:
  •  Laminated hard-cover binding to prevent damage from cooking spills
  •  Black wire binding so the book lays flat while you're cooking.
  •  Full-color divider pages make it a beautiful book
  •  Cross-referenced recipe index
  •  History of The Rose Garden Tearoom
  •  Glossary of Cooking Terms
  •  Weights and Measurements Chart
  •  Equivalents Chart
  •  Substitutions for Missing Ingredients Chart
  •  6" x 9" with 240 pages

Note: For minor corrections to the cookbook, please see Special Information.

Rose Garden Gift Certificate

Treat a friend or family member to a special lunch or event at The Rose Garden Tearoom with a gift certificate! Complete with a matching presentation envelope, this pretty pink certificate comes in various  denominations to meet your needs.

Gift certificates may be redeemed any day at The Rose Garden Tearoom for a full year from the date of purchase. A perfect way to introduce people to the beauty and delights of one of your favorite places . . . or one of theirs!

The Rose Garden Toastie Mix

Crunchy, savory, and delicious! Rose Garden toasties tickle your taste buds as you wait for your meal to come. Made with a secret blend of garden herbs and baked for hours, these tasty hors d' oeuvers set the stage for your entire lunch at The Rose Garden. You just have to try them to understand why they are everyone's favorite. Get yours now and share some toasties with friends or family at home. Great for the holidays!
       The 10-oz. toastie mix comes in a pretty glass jar and gold lid--perfect to present as a gift. And it's accompanied by the directions of how to prepare the toasties using the mix.

Rose-Petal Tea
Experience our famous Rose-Petal Tea! This delicate blend of real rose petals, a delicious English black tea, and other ingredients combine into one of the most delicious teas you've ever enjoyed. Excellent hot or iced, this is one of our patrons' favorite reasons for dining at The Rose Garden Tearoom.
      And it's easy to make at home--steeped and hot for afternoon tea, or iced and refreshing for lunch or dinner. When you serve this tea, everyone will applaud your fine taste in teas.Rose-Petal Tea comes packaged in a 6-oz. resealable plastic bag that's perfect for storing and repeated use. Order several!

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