The Rose Garden Tearoom - A Delicate Blend of English Tradition and Old Southern Charm
Welcome to
The Rose Garden Tearoom

"Culinary Award Winner"
by Fort Worth, Texas magazine!

Walking through the vine-covered trellis into the Rose Garden Tearoom is like wandering into another world—a more genteel, old world where time stands still and a feeling of peace and tranquility reigns. Dark, rich, antique colors—black and gold and burgundy—immediately draw you in for a soul-calming respite. To people who come to the Rose Garden for escape from the harried pace of today’s world, it’s like finding a lush oasis in the arid desert.
     As you enter the Arlington tearoom, you see the magical flowered tree in the center of the quiet but busy room, its white twinkle lights and blooms giving off a glow of warmth and Southern charm. Twinkle lights also meander their way around the walls and mirrors intertwined with grapevines, occasional roses, and lush greenery. You sit in a cozy corner while birds twitter softly in the background, ceiling fans turn gracefully overhead, and a fountain bubbles gently as waiters move about serving rose-petal tea and other delicacies.

Delectable Food
Perhaps you’ll choose the Rose Garden Variety Plate that includes samples of chicken salad, fresh fruit, quiche du jour, soup of the day, and a pumpkin bread finger sandwich, accompanied by the intriguing and delightful Rose Garden Poppyseed Dressing. Or maybe you would enjoy the Loa Salad that combines tossed greens, pecans, fresh fruit, grilled chicken, and a very special dressing. For a marvelous hot entrée, you might be tempted by the spicy Southwestern Chicken Crepes and salad. The choices are many, each one more appealing than the last.

Whatever you choose for your main course, be sure to reserve room for one of the incredible desserts, such as bread pudding with lemon sauce and whipped cream, Heath Bar Cheesecake, Snickers Cheesecake, or the incomparable Chocolate Rose Petal Cake. If you’re lucky, you might come on a day when they’re serving one of the all-time favorites, Osgood Pie. Not to be missed.
     Lingering over your lunch at the Rose Garden, you delay leaving as long as possible, renewing your spirit and mind in the refreshing quietude and peace. You chat comfortably with your companions and drink in the elegance around you. Finally, though, you wander back through the vine-covered trellis with a backward glance at the loveliness and warmth that calls you like a siren to return over and over again. And you know you will. There is no doubt . . . you will come again.

At the Rose Garden Tearoom,
you will always be our honored guest.
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